Fundación Eco2f


The European CO2 Foundation official labels are the annual international awards to recognize, reward and promote environmental best practices around Europe.

The two awards have been conceived as an initiative to benefit the decarbonization of the businesses.

To achieve these awards, each year the firms must have demonstrated exceptional reductions in their carbon footprint in correspondence with the European CO2 Foundation criteria.

The European CO2 Foundation awards shall honour the most outstanding organizations taking responsibility by defining a commercial future: adding value through excellence in environment, sustainability and green development.

Best Awards

Award for companies that develop a management towards decarbonization, combine interests and serve as an example for other entities for their good practices, aid to the community, through the implementation of innovative projects and for the use of advanced technologies that help reduce emissions.

The awards serve as an inspiration for the transformative action, business excellence and environment management across Europe. Finally, the awards are willing to encourage and motivate others to adopt best practices and become role model to emulate.

Anual Awards

The Award is open to European organizations, whether public administrations or public and private companies, that meet the requirements for participation. The awards will be accessible to Organizations, business units, affiliates, or subsidiaries, with a high degree of independence so that they have developed at least 50% of their activity in Europe in the last five years.

The Jury may award one or more awards for each economic sector of the organizations that are presented.

Requirements to access our awards


o Can be Public or Private
o Applies to organizations, business units, affiliates, or subsidiaries, and projects with a high degree of independence.

o Measures carbon footprint S/ISO 14064 for scopes 1,2 and 3.
o Develops, implements and monitors a plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

(you are not required to have previously applied for this award)

Exemplarity may apply to the whole or part of an organization and to projects and activities, and may be due to systems, processes, and results achieved.

EXEMPLARY RESULTS – The Award Jury may assess the exemplary nature of the Results achieved on the route to carbon neutrality, assessing aspects such as:
+ Extent of carbon reduction achieved within the candidate Organization (offset and/or reduction).
+ Degree of progress towards neutrality. Evidence of significant emission reductions in a continuous manner in recent years, based on actions aimed at incorporating low-carbon technologies.
+ Level of carbon neutrality achieved through emission reductions.

EXEMPLARY MANAGEMENT – The Jury of the Award will be able to evaluate the exemplary nature of the Management developed in the route towards carbon neutrality, evaluating aspects such as:
+ Rapidity in the achievement of results.
+ Cost-effectiveness of the management to achieve the results of neutrality achieved
+ Innovation in management and in the means used
+ Management quality+ Incorporate emissions reduction into the organization’s policy and strategic plans.
+ Involvement of suppliers and other stakeholders in decarbonization projects.
+ Application of management models recognized at European and international level, such as EN-ISO 14064 or EN-ISO 50001.
+ Level of reliability and rigor of the information provided (certification and accreditation of measures and systems, emission offset certificates through recognized agents that ensure the recognition of offset actions, …).

  • The Organization must submit a Report in accordance with the Bases of the Award, which demonstrates the high degree of evolution of the Organization on its path towards Decarbonization.
  • Pay admission fees
  • Submit the application within the corresponding period