Our organisation is constantly expanding and we are always open to environmentally conscious and like-minded people.

Working closely with this organisations is a mutually beneficial arrangement that helps us to broaden our reach while affording our partners the chance to highlight their dedication to reduce the cabron footprint in Europe. Your involvement as an organization will increase your green credibility and help highlight your efforts towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

Whether you are a business, an educational institution or a non governmental organization you can get involved!

But being part of the European CO² Foundation also implies the use of our international network, to connect with other Foundations and key companies, the use of our image for multiple purposes, to get informed about the latest news on enviromental issues and to be up to date with the newest green technologies. Be part of the Foundation and take advantage of the great benefits it implies!


We are looking forward for you to join our network, as an individual or partner organization, in order to achieve a greener Europe together. Some of our best resources to achieve carbon neutrality, are individuals or collectives who take action for change in their own communities that we have sumed up:

Students: the new generation is well aware of the problems we are all facing. We appreciate the new ideas and ways to solve the climate crisis offered by them, the articles sent to the Foundation and also to be a follower of the European CO² Foundation on social media.

University teachers: The Foundation especially respects the teachers as they are educating the new generations in environmental values. We are proud to connect the new students with the community of professors in order to share the best available information on what career or university to choose.
Scientists: this community is key to achieve the goals settled by the European Union and the Green Deal. New technologies and a better way to use energy are just some of their tasks. What the Foundation offers is an international network where you as a scientist can share and ask information within our community.
Private companies: firms involved in the Foundation benefit from our community, the two awards we endow and also from the Foundations image, just to mention a few. Being part of the European CO² Foundation means to be part of the change.

NGO`s: as an international Foundation, we enjoy sharing the contacts and information with other like-minded NGO`s around Europe. Creating a firm network is crucial for us always benefits both parts

If the Foundation has awakening your interest, please feel free to contact us for more information on how to become an active partner!

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