The European CO2 Foundation official seals are the annual international awards to recognize, reward and promote environmental best practices around Europe.

The two awards have been conceived as an initiative to benefit the decarbonization of the businesses. To achieve these awards, each year the firms must have demonstrated exceptional reductions in their carbon footprint in correspondence with the European CO2 Foundation criteria.

The European CO2 Foundation awards shall honor the most outstanding organizations taking responsibility by defining a commercial future: adding value through excellence in environment, sustainability and green development.


The official Agreed Seal

Recognition for companies that, after an accredited measurement of the carbon footprint, launch an action plan with the aim of achieving neutrality.


The official Neutral Seal

Recognition of companies, or their projects, that have managed to eliminate their carbon footprint and achieve neutrality thanks to the implementation of an action plan involving customers and / or suppliers.


Award for companies that develop a management towards decarbonization, combine interests and serve as an example for other entities for their good practices, aid to the community, through the implementation of innovative projects and for the use of advanced technologies that help reduce emissions.

The awards serve as an inspiration for the transformative action, business excellence and environment management across Europe. Finally, the awards are willing to encourage and motivate others to adopt best practices and become role model to emulate.


Eligible groups include private businesses, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and municipal governments based in Europe. The European CO2 Foundation welcomes those who have a clear, detailed and actionable climate change projects or programmes to mitigate their carbon footprint. Your application is reviewed to verify eligibility and to assess scientific merit. All project proposals are subject to the same evaluation criteria.

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