Global objectives for

Sustainable Development Goals

ODS -1
Eradicate poverty in all its forms, everywhere.

ODS -2
Eradicate hunger, achieve food safety and improved diet and promote sustainable agriculture.

ODS -3
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for everyone of all ages.

ODS -4
Ensure inclusive and fair education of good quality and promote lifelong learning for everyone.

ODS -5
Achieve gender equality and strengthen the position of all women and girls.

ODS -6
Ensure access to and the sustainable management of water and sanitation for everyone.

ODS -7
Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for everyone.

ODS -8
Promote continuous, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for everyone.

ODS -9
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and promote innovation.

ODS -10
Reduce inequalities within and between countries.

ODS -11
Make cities and settlements inclusive, safe, flexible and sustainable.

ODS -12
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

ODS -13
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its effects.

ODS -14
Preserve and make sustainable use of seas, lakes and marine resources for sustainable development.

ODS -15
Sustainable forestry, stop desertification, slow down and reverse soil degradation as well as halt the loss of biodiversity.

ODS -16
Promote peaceful and inclusive communities for sustainable development, provide access to justice for everyone and build effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels.

ODS -17
Strengthen implementation tools and revitalise the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development Goals: What They Mean

Have you ever heard of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and always wondered what they are? This article will summarize the SDGs to improve your understanding of what these goals mean. We will also examine how the SDGs correlate with the objectives of the European CO2 Foundation.

Synopsis on the Sustainable Development Goals

Simply put, the SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, are a collection of 17 goals created by the United Nations. The primary purpose of these goals is to create a better world, one without disease, hunger or poverty. However, to achieve this, we must address other factors like climate change and inequality as well.

Within these 17 goals are subsets of 168 target goals. All 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted these Global Goals in 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals serve as an inspiration and blueprint for humanity to find a new and better way to exist. By achieving these goals, it will also benefit our planet. The UN set the target completion date for these goals by 2030.

These 17 goals apply to all the world’s nations, regardless of class structure or world power status, but it will take a global effort to make them a reality.

A simplified way to understand these 17 Global Goals is by grouping them into four broad categories:

1. Climate Change: (The burning of fossil fuels is the primary contributor to modern climate change.)

2. Poverty and Inequality: (Although reduced in recent years, approximately 10% of humans still live in extreme poverty conditions.)

3. Justice and Human Rights: (Considering what happened to George Floyd on May 25, 2020, humanity has a lot of work to do to overcome racism and other forms of discrimination around the world.)

4. Gender Equality: (The majority of the world’s business leaders, policymakers and officials are men. The global gender pay gap illustrates how women worldwide make far less than men.)

What these four categories share in common is that people have created these issues. These problems are not inherently natural. It will take all of humanity to overcome these obstacles to achieve a better way of life for everyone.

How the SDGs Correlate with ECO2F

The vision of the European CO2 Foundation is to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint. The ECO2F recognizes and awards those companies and organizations that show a significant reduction in their carbon emissions. Organizations and businesses that meet these standards can receive an exclusive and official recognition award for their efforts from the ECO2F.

In addition, the mission of the European CO2 Foundation is to give future generations of Europeans the gift of a much greener and healthier European continent. By advocating for a carbon-neutral future for Europe, the ECO2F is in direct alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals created by the UN back in 2015.

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