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Recognition of best practices in decarbonization to accelerate the decarbonization process.

The European ECO2F Foundation is a non-profit organization funded by Companies, Institutions and Professionals committed to decarbonization, who share the objective of accelerating the transition towards a decarbonized Society, through the Recognition and Dissemination of Best Practices.

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Facing Climate Change and the energy crisis:

+ United Nations develops the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
+ The European Union is committed to the decarbonization of society with the commitment to reduce emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050.
In this context, the ECO2F Foundation was created to help Companies and Institutions to accelerate the transition towards a Decarbonized Management, through the Recognition and Dissemination of Best Practices.

The objectives of the ECO2F Foundation aim to accelerate the achievement of The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) approved by the United Nations:
+ The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) approved by the United Nations and in particular pursues goal number 13 on «Climate Action».
+ The EU Commitment to cut emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050.

The eco2f foundation is a response to the challenge of maintaining a strong and decarbonized economy.

Our purpose is to ensure that the European Union and the countries adhering to the decarbonization objectives of the United Nations are considered climate neutral environments and quality of life, where to find the best suppliers, partners and investment opportunities.

Collaborating organizations

Requirements to access our recognition


o Can be Public or Private
o Applies to organizations, business units, affiliates, or subsidiaries, and projects with a high degree of independence (more than 50% of their activity in Europe in the last five years).

o Measures carbon footprint S/ISO 14064 for scopes 1,2 and 3.
o Develops, implements and monitors a plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

(you are not required to have previously applied for this award)

Exemplarity may apply to the whole or part of an organization and to projects and activities, and may be due to systems, processes, and results achieved.

EXEMPLARY RESULTS – The Award Jury may assess the exemplary nature of the Results achieved on the route to carbon neutrality, assessing aspects such as:
+ Extent of carbon reduction achieved within the candidate Organization (offset and/or reduction).
+ Degree of progress towards neutrality. Evidence of significant emission reductions in a continuous manner in recent years, based on actions aimed at incorporating low-carbon technologies.
+ Level of carbon neutrality achieved through emission reductions.

EXEMPLARY MANAGEMENT – The Jury of the Award will be able to evaluate the exemplary nature of the Management developed in the route towards carbon neutrality, evaluating aspects such as:
+ Rapidity in the achievement of results.
+ Cost-effectiveness of the management to achieve the results of neutrality achieved
+ Innovation in management and in the means used
+ Management quality+ Incorporate emissions reduction into the organization’s policy and strategic plans.
+ Involvement of suppliers and other stakeholders in decarbonization projects.
+ Application of management models recognized at European and international level, such as EN-ISO 14064 or EN-ISO 50001.
+ Level of reliability and rigor of the information provided (certification and accreditation of measures and systems, emission offset certificates through recognized agents that ensure the recognition of offset actions, …).

  • La Organización debe presentar una Memoria de acuerdo con las Bases del Premio, que evidencie el alto grado de evolución de la Organización en su camino hacia la Descarbonización
  • Pagar las tasas de admisión
  • El Plazo de presentación de solicitudes termina el 30 de Septiembre de 2022

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