Sustainable Development Goals

Also known as the Global Goals, these are a set of 17 goals created by the United Nations. Their principal aim is to create a better world free of poverty, hunger and disease To achieve this aim, we must also address other factors such as climate change and inequality.

Subset of SDGs

Within these 17 goals are subsets of 168 targets that, taken together, will benefit the entire planet. 
The 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted these global goals in 2015 with the intention of achieving them by 2030. This will require a global effort: the SDGs will have to be implemented in all nations of the world, regardless of class structure or world power status.

The four categories of SDG

There are 4 broad categories covering the 17 objectives. The categories are connected by the fact that it is human beings who have created all the problems we want to combat. It will take all of humanity working together to overcome these obstacles and achieve a better way of life for all.

Climate change

The burning of fossil fuels is the main contributor to climate change in modern times and is one of the main threats to the planet.

Poverty and inequality

Despite a decrease in recent years, around 10% of human beings still live in extreme poverty.

Justice and human rights

The fight against racism and discrimination continues worldwide, a situation exemplified by the tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of US law enforcement on 25 May 2020. Humanity has a lot of work to do to defeat discrimination around the world.

Gender equality

The majority of the world’s business leaders, policy makers and public officials are men, even though 50% of the global population are women. Moreover, the global gender pay gap illustrates how women around the world earn far less than men merely because they are women. 

Nº 13

“Climate Action” 

Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

How theSDGs coincide with ECO2F

The ECO2F Foundation’s vision is to reduce Europe’s carbon footprint. To this end, ECO2F recognizes and supports public and private companies and organizations that show a significant reduction in their carbon emissions. 
Organizations and companies that meet the standards we set can receive an exclusive and official seal of recognition for their ECO2F efforts. 

The mission of the ECO2F European Foundation is to give future European generations the gift of a much greener and healthier European continent. By advocating for a carbon-neutral future for Europe, ECO2F is directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals created by the UN in 2015.

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